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Finally...a new service that actually SAVES your radio station, ad agency, or point-of-purchase audio service money!

At, we create audio campaigns that meet your needs.  And we do it at a price that can't be beat.  Using helps your bottom line!

 We cost far less service actually costs less than paying your own employees to do the same job!

All you do is fax or e-mail your script by 6pm eastern time.  By the next day your commercial is e-mailed to you, ready to be played on your air.  Completely produced spots, done overnight!

Best of all, you can use us as much or as little as you want.  No contracts.  No obligations.  No minimum orders.  

(* Contact us at 603-568-2492 for complete pricing nformation.)

  • Use us at the last minute, when that copy comes in at 5:59pm and has to be on the next day.  

  • Use us when you have a big client who wants a distinctive "agency" voice.

  • Use us around those times  when your own staff is overwhelmed, like around the holidays.

  • Use us to improve the quality of your station's production.

  • Use us to help reduce costs.  Some radio stations have been able to reduce staff by outsourcing almost all of their spot production.

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