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Q: I already pay people to produce commercials. What do I need you for?  Besides, I can't afford to spend extra money to produce a spot.
A: Every company is different, with different needs.  Some may use us occasionally when things get busy, or when they want a different voice.  Some may want to cut staff costs by using us for almost all of their production.  But one thing you could do is pass our cost to the client.  If someone spends hundreds of dollars on an ad schedule, could you add a "production surcharge" to their bill?  A small additional fee probably won't make that big a difference.

Q: What about spots with extra voices and sound effects?
A: Contact us at 603-568-2492 for a quote. All our prices are all-inclusive. No residuals. You own the finished piece.  

Q: I can use SpotsToGo.com anytime, as much or as little as I want, and I never have to sign a contract, pay a retainer fee, or make any kind of commitment?
A: Right.  You'll get a monthly bill for the spots you had produced.  No spots that month?  No bill.

Q: What kind of computer do I need?
A: Almost any computer with internet access and a sound card will do.  High-speed internet is better, but even with a 56K dial-up you can download a spot in a minute or two.  The computer you download spots into should be hooked up in the production room, but a single 60-second MP3 file will fit on a floppy disc, so you can move them around. 

Q: How do I get started using SpotsToGo.com?
A: Call us at 603-568-2492 or write us at spotstogo.production@gmail.com. Then send us your copy and instructions, by fax at
1-309-405-5260, or by e-mail at spotstogo.production@gmail.com.    

Don't worry if you lose or delete a spot.  We keep your spot on file for at least a year.

Q: What is the deadline for getting production in?
A: If you fax or e-mail a spot to us by 6pm Eastern time, we'll have it done by the next day.  That doesn't mean you can't send us spots after 6pm.  We just can't guarantee it will be done by the next day.  By the way, we are located in scenic New Hampshire.

Q: This is too good. What's the catch?
A: There isn't one.